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### Top 6 Expert Tips for Excelling in Your Study Abroad Scholarship Application

Pham also showed interest in residing in Sendai, a city that is less renowned compared to other major cities in Japan. He pointed out that Tohoku University, as one of the top public research institutions in Japan, aligns well with his research pursuits.

5. Creating a Unique and Specific Community Project

Just as Gilman Scholars undergo personal growth during their international experiences, they also play a role in advancing their communities. Upon their return, Gilman Scholars launch educational projects that reflect their overseas learning, which they then share with their peers. As part of the application process, candidates propose a “follow-on service project.”

Jacques stressed the significance of students critically assessing how their global exposure can offer their community a broader perspective. The proposed projects can range from educational sessions with a church or club to establishing a study abroad blog. According to Jacques, the core of the Gilman Scholarship is to cultivate a diverse global encounter and encourage others to participate in it.

Pham developed his project in partnership with Poway High School’s AVID program, which aids disadvantaged middle and high school students by bridging the educational gap and preparing them for higher studies. Having benefited from the program in his high school years and having served as a former AVID tutor, Pham noticed the lack of focus on overseas studies within the program. His aim is to fill this void.

His project seeks to introduce AVID students to the Gilman Scholarship, inspiring the student body to contemplate studying abroad in college to enrich their global perspectives and experiences. Pham envisions broadening the project’s scope to include the entire school and potentially the district. He stressed the importance of acquainting low-income and first-generation Pell-eligible students with the Gilman Scholarship and its financial support.

6. Dedicate Time to Crafting a Strong Application

Although the Gilman Scholarship application may seem overwhelming at first, especially amidst academic responsibilities, Jacques advises against letting the essay writing process intimidate or discourage potential applicants. The effort put into creating a well-organized application is invaluable, given the chance to secure a $5,000 grant and a life-changing experience.

Jacques highlighted the potential benefits by stating, “If you allocate a total of 10 hours to your Gilman application, upon receiving the scholarship, you would have effectively earned $500 per hour – a remarkable opportunity. The initial time commitment is definitely worthwhile, as the eventual rewards can be substantial.”