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### Top Texas Ranking: 6 Copperas Cove Elementary Schools Stand Out in Latest Evaluation

The U.S. News and World Report examined 45,000 primary schools throughout the state and identified six schools in Texas that excel in education quality.

In Copperas Cove, Texas, six elementary schools have been acknowledged for their outstanding educational performance. The assessment considered CCISD’s six campuses—House Creek Elementary, Clements/Parsons Elementary, Hettie Halstead Elementary, Martin Walker Elementary, Fairview/Jewell Elementary—as part of the top 40% of schools nationwide.

Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services, Amanda Crawley, expressed her immense pride in the schools’ achievements, stating, “I am incredibly proud of the efforts of our schools.”

As per the report:

  • House Creek Elementary secured the 590th position in Texas, showcasing performance “above expectations” in reading and “well above expectations” in math.
  • Clements/Parsons Elementary claimed the 726th spot, with performance “above expectations” in reading and “well above expectations” in math.
  • Hettie Halstead Elementary was ranked 911th, demonstrating performance “above expectations” in reading and “well above expectations” in math.
  • Martin Walker Elementary held the 1,036th position, excelling in math performance “above expectations.”
  • Fairview/Jewell Elementary stood at 1,098th place, displaying performance “above expectations” in both reading and math.

These accolades and rankings are derived from the most recent available accountability data. All elementary schools either held an “A” rating or were on track to achieve an “A” rating.

Crawley emphasized the dedication and commitment of students and school staff towards education and student welfare. She stated, “Our students and school staff show passion and dedication for not just education, but our students every day. Regardless of where a school falls in the rankings, we continue to work on improving our systems to support student achievement over time, in order to ensure the highest possible quality of education in our community.”

In the realm of middle schools, out of over 22,000 institutions, Copperas Cove Jr. High secured the 651st position and was honored with the U.S. News Best of Middle Schools award badge for educational excellence.

Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Joe Burns, commended the students and staff for their hard work and dedication, stating, “These awards are a true testament to the work of our students and of our staff in CCISD. We work hard to educate the whole child and focus on growing students into wonderful adults and are thankful to the U.S. News & World Report for recognizing this work.”

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