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### Top 5 Park Resources Every Student Should Utilize

Parkland College is widely recognized as one of the premier community colleges in Illinois, not only for its affordability and top-notch education but also for its extensive array of exceptional resources and services tailored to benefit its student body. The college offers a diverse range of resources such as career guidance, mental health support, and programs designed to assist students in reducing their tuition fees. Whether you are a prospective student seeking more insights about Parkland or a current student eager to explore untapped opportunities, the following are some of the invaluable resources that Parkland extends to its students.

Student Employment

Among the most valuable resources at Parkland is its student employment program, providing students with the opportunity to apply for various positions across different departments such as the advising office, bookstore, student life, and admissions office. Serving as a student worker at Parkland not only allows individuals to gain practical work experience in a nurturing and flexible setting but also facilitates the establishment of meaningful connections with the college staff, fostering a more engaged community. Student workers can work up to 19 hours per week during the fall, spring, and summer semesters, earning approximately $13 per hour. Eligibility for a student worker position mandates a minimum enrollment of six credit hours during the spring and fall semesters, and at least three credit hours in the summer semester, along with a minimum GPA of 2.0 and possession of a high school diploma or GED. While some positions are exclusive to students qualifying for Federal Work-Study, numerous opportunities are accessible to all students without this prerequisite.

For additional details on student employment requirements, Federal Work-Study, and application procedures, visit the Parkland College website.

Free Counseling

Parkland’s counseling support center offers a vital resource to all enrolled students by providing free and confidential counseling sessions. These sessions are beneficial for individuals navigating various challenges, whether related to mental health issues, traumatic experiences, familial conflicts, or general feelings of overwhelm. The center employs experienced counselors who conduct one-on-one sessions or group therapy, either in-person at Parkland or remotely via Microsoft Teams. Through these sessions, students can address their struggles, develop essential life skills like effective communication and coping mechanisms, and receive the necessary support to navigate through their academic journey and beyond.

To access counseling services at Parkland, students can visit room U238 in the student union to complete a brief intake form or fill out the form online at Parkland Counseling Services.

Study Abroad Program

Parkland’s study abroad program offers students a cost-effective opportunity to study at foreign universities, immersing themselves in different cultures while pursuing their academic goals. The program, available for fall, spring, or summer terms, allows students to choose from various countries such as France, Italy, Japan, England, and more for short-term or semester-long study opportunities. Participants typically reside with host families or on-campus dormitories, attending classes at partnered foreign universities. Credits earned during these study abroad experiences are fully recognized by Parkland College, providing students with not just personal growth but also a unique addition to their academic and professional portfolios.

For more information on upcoming study abroad opportunities and application guidelines, refer to the recent article in the Prospectus or visit Parkland Study Abroad.

The Pathway Program

Recognizing the common trajectory of community college students transferring to four-year institutions to complete their bachelor’s degrees, Parkland offers the Pathway Program in collaboration with the University of Illinois (UIUC). This program enables accepted UIUC students to enroll in classes at both institutions during their initial two years, paying Parkland’s tuition rates. By partaking in the Pathway Program, students benefit from the resources and classes of UIUC while significantly reducing their educational expenses. Upon completion of their two years at Parkland, Pathway students seamlessly transition to UIUC to finish their degree, leveraging the same opportunities as full-time university students at a fraction of the cost.

To explore eligibility criteria, application procedures, and further details about the Pathway Program, visit Parkland Pathway Program.

The Prospectus

An exceptional resource offered at Parkland is its student newspaper, the Prospectus, providing students with the chance to engage as editors, reporters, photographers, web designers, or social media managers. In addition to gaining practical experience in journalism and fostering peer relationships, students involved with the Prospectus receive a scholarship that halves their total Parkland tuition fees. This opportunity is ideal for individuals passionate about journalism, writing, and photography, seeking avenues to offset their educational costs.

For those interested in joining the Prospectus staff, detailed application information is available at Prospectus Staff Application or explore more articles like this on the Prospectus website.

In conclusion, Parkland College’s commitment to providing diverse and valuable resources underscores its dedication to student success and holistic development. By leveraging these resources, students can enrich their academic journey, cultivate essential skills, and pave the way for a successful transition to their future endeavors.