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### Four Malaysian Youths Accepted into Harvard College Class of 2028 from 54,008 Applicants

In the pursuit of gaining admission to Harvard, one must possess more than just academic prowess; it necessitates years of unwavering commitment and diligent effort. The path to Harvard is undeniably arduous, with only a select few successfully traversing it. Nonetheless, attaining this feat is within the realm of possibility.

In a recent noteworthy development that has garnered attention online, Nadiah Wan, the President of the Harvard Club, took it upon herself to extend personal congratulations to the young Malaysians who have recently been accepted into Harvard.

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Three individuals from the Klang Valley and one from Johor have been granted admission.

As per the press release shared with WORLD OF BUZZ by Nadiah Wan, she joyfully announced that four young Malaysians have secured coveted spots in Harvard College’s Class of 2028 this year, with three hailing from the Klang Valley and one from Johor.

She also highlighted the remarkable achievements of all four individuals and expressed her delight in witnessing the significant strides made by the youth.

Screenshot 2024 04 08 090208

Bryan Lim

Screenshot 2024 04 08 090357

Victor Ngow

Screenshot 2024 04 08 090412

Elisa See

Screenshot 2024 04 08 090424

Thamini Vijeyasingam

Bryan Lim, Victor Ngow, Elisa See, and Thamini Vijeyasingam are the accomplished individuals.

The press release disclosed that Harvard College admitted a total of 1,937 students from a competitive pool of 54,008 applicants, resulting in an admission rate of 3.59%. Among the successful applicants, the four Malaysians represent a fraction of the 15.4% of international students selected from 94 countries.

Bryan graduated from Garden International School in KL post his completion of IGCSEs, while Victor, a Petronas scholar, completed his SPM at SMK Damansara Utama in Selangor. Thamini finished her secondary education at ELC International School in Sungai Buloh, and Elisa attended Marlborough College Malaysian in Iskandar Puteri, Johor.

“Harvard admissions is need-blind, and financial aid is 100% need-based, ensuring that students are admitted based solely on their merit, irrespective of their financial background. Harvard is dedicated to making attendance affordable for all admitted students.”


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“We are honored to witness the contributions of young Malaysians, both big and small.”

According to Harvard alumni interviewer Nadiah Wan, the focus during Harvard College alumni interviews is on students who exhibit passion for their interests and have dedicated themselves to meaningful creative endeavors.

“They showcase intellectual curiosity and self-motivation to act as catalysts for the advancement and improvement of those around them,” she remarked.

Screenshot 2024 04 08 090907

Malaysia’s brightest talents!

Another Harvard alumni interviewer, Nick Shaw, lauded the candidates interviewed by him and Wan Nadiah as truly exceptional, epitomizing the finest talents of Malaysia. He further emphasized that the four young Malaysians are remarkable individuals poised to make a significant impact on the world.

“What unites these four exceptional individuals is their drive and ingenuity in pursuing purposeful endeavors, whether in academics, sports, community service, journalism, or beyond.”

Witnessing the ascent of our young Malaysians to great heights is truly inspiring. Heartfelt congratulations to Bryan Lim, Victor Ngow, Elisa See, and Thamini Vijeyasingam for securing their places at Harvard!

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