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### Top 24 High-Performing Secondary Schools in Scotland, with 16 Located in and Around Glasgow

These are the top-performing state high schools in and around [Location] based on the most recent available data.

The educational success of each school is evaluated by the percentage of students who attained the Scottish Government’s educational benchmark of five Highers or equivalent qualifications in 2023. This data is sourced from the Scottish Government’s official website.

Among the leading secondary schools in Scotland, sixteen high schools in the vicinity of Glasgow stand out for their academic achievements.

It is important to note that the Higher results tables do not categorize schools in a hierarchical ‘best to worst’ manner. This approach overlooks crucial factors such as the level of support provided to students with special needs, the dedication and competence of the teaching staff, the learning environment, the financial resources allocated by the local council, and whether the school caters to underprivileged communities within the area.

1. Jordanhill School

Jordanhill School in Glasgow is recognized for its outstanding academic performance, with 89% of students graduating with a minimum of five Highers. This places Jordanhill School among the top four secondary schools in Glasgow for academic excellence. Photo: Google Maps

Bearsden Academy on the outskirts of Glasgow was ranked as the top performing school in East Dunbartonshire with 81% of pupils gaining at least five Highers.

2. Bearsden Academy

Located on the outskirts of Glasgow, Bearsden Academy is the highest-ranking school in East Dunbartonshire, with 81% of students achieving at least five Highers.

Mearns Castle High School was ranked as the best performing school in East Renfrewshire as 80% of their pupils gained at least five Higher qualifications.

3. Mearns Castle High School

In East Renfrewshire, Mearns Castle High School stands out as the top-performing school, with 80% of its students attaining a minimum of five Higher qualifications. Photo: Google Maps

Following Mearns Castle High School is another East Renfrewshire school as St Ninian’s High School in Giffnock saw at least 79% of their pupils achieve five Highers.

4. St Ninian’s High School

Following closely behind Mearns Castle High School, St Ninian’s High School in Giffnock, East Renfrewshire, boasts an impressive achievement, with at least 79% of students securing five Highers.