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### Winners of the 2024 Study Abroad Photography Competition Revealed

The Office of Study Abroad at Rice University has revealed the champions of the Study Abroad Photo Contest for the year 2024.

The competition, which takes place annually in March, serves as a platform for students to exhibit the enriching encounters they encounter through study abroad programs at Rice.

A total of 11 winners were declared, with two winners per category and one overall winner, known as “Best in Show.” The winning images are currently showcased at the Ley Student Center opposite Rice Coffeehouse until graduation.

Here are the winners:

#RiceOwlsAbroad – First place

  • Student: Mo Luna
  • College: Duncan
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2024 (Senior)
  • Title: Carnglaze Caverns
  • Location: St. Neot, England

In this snapshot, Mo Luna recounts a day trip to the Carnglaze Caverns in Cornwall during their time at the University of Exeter. The excursion provided insights into Cornish mining history and the exploration of man-made caverns. Despite the cold and wet conditions, the group engaged in joyful conversations, culminating in an unexpected visit to a nearby shopping mall.

#RiceOwlsAbroad – Second place

  • Student: Gail Oudekerk
  • College: McMurtry
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2024 (Senior)
  • Title: From the Duomo di Firenze
  • Location: Florence, Italy

Gail Oudekerk’s photograph captures the iconic Florence Duomo, a prominent feature in the city’s skyline. The image symbolizes their journey from unfamiliarity to endearment with the city, marked by climbs up the dome and a deepening connection to the surroundings.

Postcard Perfect – First place

  • Student: Ariah Richards
  • College: McMurtry
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2025 (Junior)
  • Title: Cape of Good Hope
  • Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Ariah Richards reflects on their experience in Cape Town, where they embraced hiking and delved into the region’s historical narratives. The exposure to diverse perspectives during their study abroad broadened their understanding of history’s subjective nature.

Postcard Perfect – Second place

  • Student: Jessica Huang
  • College: Wiess
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2024 (Senior)
  • Title: Copenhagen Canals
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Jessica Huang’s photo encapsulates a serendipitous encounter with a stunning sunset in Copenhagen, fostering lasting friendships and a profound appreciation for the city’s charm.

Culture and Tradition – First place

  • Student: Chloe Lim
  • College: Martel
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2026 (Sophomore)
  • Title: Royal Swedish Navy Band
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Chloe Lim’s photograph captures the fusion of traditional Swedish military marches with modern urban life, showcasing the cultural immersion experienced during their study abroad program.

Culture and Tradition – Second place

  • Student: Alex Janssen
  • College: Martel
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2025 (Junior)
  • Title: Minibus Misunderstanding
  • Location: Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Alex Janssen’s image humorously narrates a navigation mishap in Hong Kong, highlighting the blend of modernity and tradition in the city.

The Global Campus – First place

  • Student: Chiro Ogbo
  • College: Brown
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2024 (Senior)
  • Title: At the Household Arts Exhibition
  • Location: Marseille, France

Chiro Ogbo’s photo at the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean in Marseille underscores the educational and cultural significance of museum visits during study abroad programs.

The Global Campus – Second place

  • Student: Jena Manning
  • College: Baker
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2024 (Senior)
  • Title: El choclo está listo
  • Location: Pedro Moncayo, Ecuador

Jena Manning’s research on local Ecuadorian smallholder farmers sheds light on the impact of microfinance institutions on agricultural productivity, showcasing the practical applications of academic studies abroad.

Everyday Life – First place

  • Student: Langston Ford
  • College: Wiess
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2025 (Junior)
  • Title: Tête à Tête
  • Location: Paris, France

Langston Ford’s image on Parisian public transit reflects the societal dynamics influenced by robust public transportation systems, emphasizing the accessibility and inclusivity of public mobility.

Everyday Life – Second place

  • Student: Samek Rangarajan
  • College: Lovett
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2026 (Sophomore)
  • Title: The Little Train
  • Location: Sus-Châtel, Switzerland

Samek Rangarajan’s photograph portrays the integral role of public transit in Swiss daily life, highlighting the immersive experiences gained through navigating the country’s picturesque landscapes by train.

Best in Show

  • Student: Sophia Figueroa
  • College: Lovett
  • Expected Graduation Year: 2025 (Junior)
  • Title: Antarctic Exploring
  • Location: Antarctic Peninsula, Antarctica

Sophia Figueroa’s expedition to Antarctica provided a unique opportunity to witness the polar region’s natural beauty and ecological significance, enriched by academic insights on environmental conservation and Antarctic ecosystems.