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### Scholarship Offer: $1,000 Available for FHSU Alnwick Castle Study Abroad Expedition

The Alnwick Castle’s Liberal Tradition is a unique two-week study abroad program organized by FHSU. It offers students the chance to delve into philosophy and economic theory within the renowned Alnwick Castle in England. The current program fee stands at $4,275, excluding round-trip airfare and tuition for the mandatory companion course (POLS 675VA Seminar: The Liberal Tradition).

In a bid to make this enriching study abroad experience more accessible, the Department of Communication Studies, Law, and Political Science has joined forces with FHSU’s College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences to introduce matching scholarships. Any student majoring in the College is entitled to a \(500 scholarship from the Department, which will be doubled by the College to a total of \)1,000. Eligibility for this scholarship is extended to all majors within the College, irrespective of their affiliation with the Department. Moreover, students pursuing majors in Political Science or Communication Studies can avail an extra scholarship to cover passport expenses. It is recommended that students explore additional scholarship opportunities to help finance the program.

For further details, please reach out to Jay Steinmetz.

Trip Details:

  • Date: July 13-28, 2024
  • Location: England and Scotland